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[Apr 18th. '04]
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Jävligt bra gig i Göteborg, keep it up!

[Apr 13th. '04]
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Ser fram emot att se på lördag i Sverige på cluben slacker…

[Apr 12th. '04]
Rocco Woodrose
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Hej Drenge

Glæder mig til at hører jeres live skive...det var jo et glimrende gig...og hyggeligt at hører koncerten på bagsædet af Martins bil, med en drink i hånden og radion blæsende for fuld drøn!! Fede tider.

[Apr 11th. '04]
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I luv your sound. I wonder if you will be touring through Germany this year, especially Cologne. Saw you guys in 2002 in the Underground, really impressive show. I wish I could...ohh crap, you guys are great!!!!

Hope to hear from you soon....

[Apr 8th. '04]
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Hey there boys!

Survived Austin? Well I did & here's a tip: check out:
LittleSteven plays your stuff on his radioshow all the time! Lots of other cool shit too...Enjoy!
Groeten uit Holland, Bartmann

[Mar 31th. '04]
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jeg bor i californien (men er dog Dansker) og saa en artikel om jer paa internettet
i er vildt fede og jeg vil gi' jeres site videre til alle mine venner saa i kan komme til stardom i Amerika!!! ;)


I love you guys!!!

[Mar 30th. '04]
Graham S
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Great album! Just reviewed it for

[Mar 29th. '04]
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i herd you on "Little Steven's Underground Garage"
and i loved it! awsome guitar rif.

[Mar 28th. '04]
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I was fortunate enough to get an advance single and think this is one of the best things put out by Lars/Bad Afro. What a joy to play this on the radio. I can't wait for the full length. I hope Texas was good to you guys. Look forward to future conquering of the States!

[Mar 25th. '04]
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Hey I want the new cd; i can't resist!!!
Bye and Shake
and if you come in Italy please tell us and we will
organise some gigs if you want. Byeeee

[Mar 18th. '04]
the milkman
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howdy martin,

really great new band.

cheers psycho from germany

[Mar 11th. '04]
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heard you on Little Steven's Underground Garage...xlnt, my friends!

[Mar 11th. '04]
jens lowcut
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Tillykke med jeres superanmeldelse i OXfanzine:

'Das ist der echte scheisse' (eller noget i den stil) 9 ud af 10!!!

Jeg sender LC interviewet til OX. 1 stk. Ricarddo vermouth (eller hvad fanden I drikker) til Jens!

[Mar 9th. '04]
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Hi Defectors!

When you came back in Italy? I want to listen new songs and watch another explosive live set!

I hope you will come in Italy really really soon!

[Mar 8th. '04]
Richi VOID.
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Hello DEFECTORS, my name is Richi and I have been wanting to see you for a long time... last time you were here in austin i could not go because it was an 21 and over show. I was wondering if there was a way that i could get into your show in Austin at The Drink on this March 20th. please email me if you have a way of getting me in i am really looking forward to seeing you. thanks. over and out. Richi VOID. my email is:

[Feb 19th. '04]
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Heys guys remember me you stayed with me while you were in Austin. I am Billy's ex-girlfriend and I have rented a house with my friends Maureen and Staci and we would love it if you stayed with us while you are in town! We rented a house in a super cool neighborhood and are planning to party and BBQ our way through SXSW so if you want come and stay or call us and we will hang out! 512-657-0308

[Feb 15th. '04]
Martin Budde
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Hey Rudi
Thanx for the nice words.
The drumfill in Pretty Baby, haha - yeah, that's one of my garage drum favourites...we just HAD to do it ;)
...and Mort will be very happy about the 'Garry Mohr' comparison - one of the greatest...
About "It's Gonna Take Some Time" we actually made it before we heard of BWR - however the guitar sound is very similar and Lorenzo is singing the backingvocal on it.
By the way, we're working on the track for your album - it's gonna be fun...
See you soon - Martin

[Feb 15th. '04]
Rudi Protrudi
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Hey Martin!
Thanks for the new Defectors CD.... very cool stuff! Great production and catchy tunes - What more can you ask for?
Really dig "Pretty Baby" (Where have I heard that drum fill before?) - great riff by the way. The vocals remind me alot of Gerry Mohr, who was my fave 80's "revival" singer.
"I'm Gonna Take Some Time" really reminds me of Baby Woodrose - any chance Lorenzo helped in the writing of this one?
Kudos for the production as well - cool sounds abound, especially the organ and guitar.
Looking forward to doing more shows together in the future. Say hi to the guys for me!


[Feb 5th. '04]
Jostein Hansen
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For fanden! Jeg gleder meg til den nye skiva! Håper jeg kommer meg til Göteborg!

(Snart)Pappa Mongo

[Feb 1st. '04]
martin mølgaard
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Hej morten,det ser ud som om det går strygende!
Jeg og Charlotte er flyttet ud på landet for at lave flere børn.Hvis du en dag får tid, så skriv!!
Mange hilsner Martin
Hvorfor bliver i ikke snart store, når alle her i tiden lyder som jer!!!!

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