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[Dec 7th. '05]
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hey there. you told me to contact you about reviewing something for through your website.

[Dec 6th. '05]
Hell Eye
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Hey You Fuckers! I want some money too! I also listen to the radio... so give me some fucking money you girls... GIVE MEEEEEEE!!!!!

Hell Eye


[Nov 30th. '05]
   No website available
Yeah... I why don't you ask them for some money while you're at it?
t's only fair you know...

[Nov 29th. '05]
   No website available
Hi. I listen to radio. Can I have (for free) badge, cd's, vinyl, posters, buttons, 7", videos, studio tapes? If I get it, i'll let you know how my friends will react.

[Nov 22st. '05]
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olá cambada!
how are you guys? I'm looking forward to hear your new sounds.
abraço a todos!

[Nov 17th. '05]
Miss Asshole
   No website available
Wauw!!!! You're all too fucking hot for words...and got an ass that just won't quit!!!

[Nov 12th. '05]
marc de raden
   No website available
Hi there,

I'm a dj from the netherlands, searching the net for new / unknown material to play / promote in my radioshows and in the clubs where i sometimes play. I'm dj-ing for radio rataplan, a radiostation that was originally founded as an illegal anarchistic students station, but we're fully legal now. We're still very low budget, so any free music is welcome. Our radioshows are all about discovering new kinds of music, rareties, whatever happened to known bands etc. I hope u can send us a free (signed?) cd, and maybe a t-shirt (l/xl)? We play your music and let you know how the people react. Hope that's okay with you.
P.S. maybe u can send also some badges / buttons, bags, posters, stickers, maybe another cd, or anything else we can give away in a radio-lottery / quiz.


Marc de Raden
Haarviltstraat 63
5341 KW

[Oct 28th. '05]
   No website available
hej defectors, har lige tjekket jeres nye site, det ser top prof ud, og mycket godt at finde rundt i. Bandfotoet er sprødt! Nice work.
Bedste hilsner, fra jettejulie rosendal

[Oct 20th. '05]
   No website available
kommer I ikke snart til københavn?

[Sep 28th. '05]
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Hi guys.
You were great in Berlin, awesome new website.
Can't wait to hear your new material.

All the best,

[Sep 28th. '05]
Evil Morgan
   No website available
Hot damn!!! Det er en svedig hjemmeside I har fået banket sammen!! Godt arbejde, drenge!!!

[Sep 20th. '05]
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Hellcat sayz: HHHHZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! Fuck, I rykkede og tak for svingommen i Berlin. Mort - hils Anne, hun var sød!

[Sep 19th. '05]
   No website available
Had a wicked time with you in Berlin!Thanks for the concert and all the fun. It was evil. I like the website too, cool design. See you soon!

[Sep 19th. '05]
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Tak for en tyk aften i det
tyske. Fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

[Aug 30th. '05]
Alejandro Batista
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Mis saludos y mis respetos a los monstruos de la banda danesa que visitò Rosario (Argentina) en noviembre del año pasado, si bien la mayorìa del pùblico no se plegò a la propuesta, yo tengo 42 años, me sorprendieron, y como mùsico que soy, me dieron càtedra y a un par de mùsicos que estàbamos observando nos sorprendieron gratamente, son geniales, querìa que lo supieran, desde el culo del mundo, maximum respect

[Aug 28th. '05]
   No website available
the best band...Thanks so much thats really so good.
So the Defector's Video miss me .
how i do,Pleassee I depress...And please prevent if you pass in France ...

[Aug 21th. '05]
Sky Saxon
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All fans of the Defectors and explosive and authentic 66/77 garage/R&B punk should check out Oslo, Norway's most happening garage band these days: THE CHEATERS.

A smahing new demo out now!
Choose the "DEMO" link and check out the DEMO05-songs for instant kicks! Stay cool - Cheers, the Cheaters.

22.08.05 STUDiO festival, Oslo
23.08.05 Cafe Mono, Oslo
10.09.05 Gutter Island (Denmark) festival kickoff! Caven, Oslo.
??.09.05 Phono festival, Bergen.

[Aug 19th. '05]
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Hi Guys
Your web site is very beatifull. I'm a italian boy, and I play in a garage and psichedelic band. Your sound is very garage.
Many compliments.....

[Aug 19th. '05]
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Coole Combo!

[Aug 8th. '05]
   No website available
my email is:

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