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[May 19th. '05]
   No website available

[May 18th. '05]
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hello my name is Patricio. I saw you last year at BA Stomp, and i really liked your band. I own a Fanzine about garage, killer, surf music, and i would like to make a note about you. If your are agree, i will send another e-mail with the questions that you can answer whenever you please. here i left you my mail if you wanna answer: Thank you.-

[May 18th. '05]
Sir Simon
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Hey lads,

on the little pic with the new line up i can't see mick? he is go away? why?? i like the way he play guitar

[May 16th. '05]
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To indicate the future concerts in France, here is my mail:

[May 16th. '05]
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Hello! Brilliant the concert in Cosmic Trip ( fr )

Thank you for this moment of pure happiness.
When do you return in France? Like we informed.
Big Kisses


[May 13th. '05]
B. Monotone
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you guys kicked ass in leeuwarden. it was nice talking to you guys upstairs and who knows maybe we'll play together in the future have a nice cold glass of vodka greetz boye monotone

[May 13th. '05]
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Nice performance at The Gloppe last night! Hopefully you all will come back soon, so we and lots of more people can enjoy your music.

Have fun in Frence,
Greets TdB

[May 12th. '05]
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I just saw the defectors at de gloppe in leeuwarden.. that show fucking rocked! i'm sorry me and my friend didn't dance.. but at least we wore sunglasses :D
well.. i didn;t know the defectors untill tonight.. but i must say that it was awesome!! and i looove martini!

[May 9th. '05]
   No website available
Ses på Spot11! Det bliver harsk!

[Apr 25th. '05]
frank ziyanak
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Hi Defects

Death to Frank Ziyanak
vil være opvarmning for jer d.7 maj på rampelys i silkeborg.
tjek os på
www. (liveanmeldelser)
vi er silkebronx-drenge og hiver en fin xtra fanskare til.
Hva siger i til det..

[Apr 25th. '05]
the fingertips
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hi men! see you at cosmic trip... bonne route! rockin'salutations from the fingertips

[Apr 24rd. '05]
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Greetings from the land of Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain,Shitty weather & real shitty drivers. I just sort of stumbled on to you site, Best of luck to you ....Rock On!!![

[Apr 23nd. '05]
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Hejsa.. kom snart og spil i København!!!

[Apr 22st. '05]
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Hello! I like visiting your suspicious www.... toodle-oo!!!

[Apr 2st. '05]
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Hej defectors
hvad er der at sige....i styrer og er meget inspirerende!
rock on! ;o

[Mar 11th. '05]
G. W. Bush
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Did you guys know that I used to play tambourine in a garageband in the mid-60's?

[Mar 10th. '05]
   No website available
ahh! i love you guys . come to texas someday!please

[Feb 24rd. '05]
   No website available
Hej Defectors!
Jeg er en blanding af en handelshøjskole-misfit og stewardesse, som er syg med defectorsmusika! Hvornår kan man vente nyt og hvornår kan man se jer live i København igen?

[Feb 4rd. '05]
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Could you tell me if you have a website with some merchandising on ? Thanks

[Jan 31th. '05]
Doktor Mongo
   No website available
Hei, fant Another Mistake på SoulSearch hentet fra en samle CD. Med på CD'n er band som Headless Horsemen, Lyres etc. Er dette en offisiell utgivelse?

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