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[Feb 4rd. '05]
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Could you tell me if you have a website with some merchandising on ? Thanks

[Jan 31th. '05]
Doktor Mongo
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Hei, fant Another Mistake på SoulSearch hentet fra en samle CD. Med på CD'n er band som Headless Horsemen, Lyres etc. Er dette en offisiell utgivelse?

[Jan 29th. '05]
Claudia Coronada
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You people suck.
JUST KIDDING! :) We love you guys! Come rock the shit outta Detroit soon! And next time, let's do a Coronados/Defectors South American tour together (or Southern Europe...that should be pretty cool too).

[Jan 20th. '05]
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Congrads on making it on Little Steven's Little Underground Garage Show's top ten list of this year! When are you guys making it back here to L.A.? I still have a Farfisa waiting to be played out here.

[Jan 7th. '05]
Rasmus Pedersen
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Hey Defectors

Jeg skriver til jer fordi at vi er i gang med at samle rockbands til en cd der skal udgives til fordel for ofrene for tsunamien i sydøst asien. Vi har allerede tilsagn fra tolv bands, men vil meget gerne have jer med.
Da hjælpen skal hurtigt frem er vi under en anelse tidspres, og I må derfor meget gerne give besked om I er interesserede hurtigst muligt.
Ud over cd'en vil vi lave en koncert, som indtil videre er sat til den 22. januar.
De bands vi indtil videre har tilsagn fra er:
Fast Gallows
Magnum 44
Marvel Hill
The Burning Primitive
Power Solo

Håber snart at høre fra jer


Rasmus Pedersen

[Jan 7th. '05]
juanillo basura-JESUS RACER
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hye guys! how are thouuuu? happy 2005 from the spanish guys!!! Please, think about south europe!

[Jan 5th. '05]
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hey,you guys got to come back to Brazil!!!your band
is fucking great!!!and you made a few nice fans down

[Jan 4rd. '05]
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happy new year for the defectors!!
come back to brazil, soon!!

[Dec 28th. '04]
Dr Phibes
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thank's for the show in argentina, defectors kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Dec 17th. '04]
Felipe Sad
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Realy rad gig in Curitiba, I know it's been sometim,now, but fuck... it's never late to tell you how great you were down here at 92 degrees! The Defectors rule, keep rocking and hope you guys come back to Brazil soon, and this time, hope we can make it to play with you guys!


[Dec 8th. '04]
Sir Simon
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After south america, now it's time to come in south europe!!!

Please come back in Italy, i want to hear all the new songs live.

I've a great idea, a southern europe tour with your friends Baby woodrose.

I think it will be amazing having the same night in the same stage: Mort and Lorenzo screaming togheter


[Nov 30th. '04]
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thanks for coming to argentina,you really rocks boys!!up the defectors!!

[Nov 24rd. '04]
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HEllo DEfectors!

Thanks for the amazing performance at 92 degrees/Curitiba!

It was brilliant!

Good luck on the rest of your trip around South america!



ps. I'm adding your link to my

[Nov 24rd. '04]
fabio from zorch
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Whata great fucking show that you do here in Curitiba! Thats what rock'n'roll its supposed to be! Keep on going and come back soon! \m/

[Nov 23nd. '04]
Fuzznando Verza
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Fantastic show here in São Paulo!
I hope you have liked Brazil and it comes back more soon possible! Tks for the t-shirt, I hope the one of the fuzztones has been good in you Mort !!!
Great !
Tks for the best show of year !

[Nov 22st. '04]
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it was really nice to play with you guys, and see you playing live!! the best garage band I ever saw!!! congratulations! keep it going on and on!! I'm very happy that we met you! and talked about 80s garage rock. hehe!! I'll send you some pics of the concert in sao paulo, and the pics with the fuzzfaces! I hope you enjoy the brazilian gifts.

[Nov 22st. '04]
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Bra konsert pa Black jack bar i Sao paulo och pa Subjazz...... Tack for t-shirten.....Syns i Danmark da.....

[Nov 21th. '04]
josh iowa
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hey when are you guys going to post your lyrics?

[Nov 19th. '04]
Alan Withe
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goodddddddd el recital q dieron en Rosario me quede con la boca abierta suena de la reputa madre me baje los temas de ustedes cheers.... cigarettes & alcohol (oasis)

[Nov 17th. '04]
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No tenía ni idea de su existencia, de los tres o cuatro que estaban bailando, uno era yo; me bolaron la cabeza, fue unos de los mejores shows que ví en mi vida.
Gracias por traernos su tan buena música, ójala, pueda mantenerme en contacto con uds..
Un gran abrazo desde Rosario::

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