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[Aug 31th. '04]
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hey dudes, for satan et show i leverede på gutter. det var simpelthen noget af det mest tight shit jeg har hørt i rigtig længe. tusind tak for det! all right - yyeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh!
p.s. i skal da ind og se mc5 på voxhall, oder was?

[Aug 25th. '04]
Mort Harder
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Hey Mark.

Tell your dad that he's one lucky guy.

[Aug 25th. '04]
Martin Defector
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Hi Syd - we are coming your way - Nov. 12th. Montevideo, Uruguay - more details later in the live-section - see you!!!

[Aug 24rd. '04]
mark schiønnemann
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fed musak...en hilsen fra Horsens...glæder mig til i kommer til Århus ... Håndtegn

[Aug 23nd. '04]
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I just found out that my fathers girlfriend´s son is morten(Mort Harder) Cool!!!!!

[Aug 17th. '04]
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hope that you come to Uruguayhell!
rock on!

[Aug 2st. '04]
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Hey Ho! Great stuff guys! Keep on the good work! Check out finnish rock'n'rollers, Soulstab!

Roll On!

[Jul 28th. '04]
Mik Defector
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Hell, sometimes even WE don't know how to get in touch with Jonas...

[Jul 27th. '04]
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Just a desperate try to get in contact with Jonas Jørgensen, whose telly doesn't work. I'll wait for him at Hørhusvej 11 tomorrow at 9:00.

Cool homepage...

[Jul 19th. '04]
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Hi, im Wisak, from Palma de Mallorca, I have a member of the band inside the Box :D He is doing a Tattoo. It looks good, i have heard the song and i like it. I hope that one day all the band come here and do a GOOD concert :D. Bye bye From the Tattoo and piercing Studio.

Wisak "The Piercer"

[Jul 16th. '04]
Jon Damnlong
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Hell yeah... i love The Defectors! Shake it baby, shake it good... BTW. Check out The Booby Prize from Finland.

[Jul 7th. '04]
Anne W.K
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[Jun 19th. '04]
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Band merchandise? Shirts, osv? Er det muligt?

For hvor ville det være fedt :D

[Jun 9th. '04]
Anders Grøn
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Stort Tak til Torben for alle de gode oplevelser og fede gigs du har givet mig sammen The Defectors!! Alt held og Lykke frem over...

[Jun 8th. '04]
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Haven't the vaguest what you lads sound like. Not to worry... Will soon. But nathelees, whil I have tyme and space, I thought I'd compliment the site.

Well done!


Vive la Liverpool

[Jun 4rd. '04]
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Hey drenge.
Rigtig fed musik i laver, yeah hell!!! Prøv at checke vores surfede homepage, og giv jeres mening til kende. :)

Surf'n roll

"The Palermo Surf Experience"

[Jun 2st. '04]
Don Ø
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Guld - Registreret varemærke tilhørende F.C. København!

[Jun 1st. '04]
Onkel Kusse
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Hvor skaffer man jeres T-shirts?

[May 25th. '04]
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Hi guys, cool site, please check it out my webzine called The Rock Explosion and feel free to let me know what ya think about it signin' my guestbook or contactin' me directly at my mail! Cheers!

[May 16th. '04]
Tore Kristian
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Takk for kjempebra konsert på Gamla i går! Håper dere kommer tilbake snart!

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