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[May 16th. '04]
Tore Kristian
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Takk for kjempebra konsert på Gamla i går! Håper dere kommer tilbake snart!

[May 12th. '04]
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Heh .. sg smukt. kan ikke lade være med at smile mår jeg høre jer i radioen... kom med mere


[May 11th. '04]
Anne Marte
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Hei hei Morten!! Så gøy å se at dere får slik en bra omtale også her til lands. Visste mine med-nordmenn kom til å like musikken deres! Takk for i sommer,koselig å se deg igjen!! :) Håper på å få sett deg igjen lørdag 15 mai! Kommer mest sansynlig på Gamla for å se dere,dette er gøy!! Mange klemmer til deg, fra Marte. Skal hilse fra resten av familien :)

[May 10th. '04]
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hey boys from outer space!

i remember that i hear your name a lot of times before, and this month you will really play her in my hometown CHEMNITZ yaehhh i can´t wait t osee you rock and you can watch me shaking ;) ...

and hey the pebbles and nuggets samplers are one of my biggest treasures and sure a lot more :)

the almost biggest 60s garage freak girl says hello to you guys :) i

[May 9th. '04]
Prospect Defector
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Ready for Norway?


[May 9th. '04]
Don G.
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Ok... pretty hard to get a hold of your latest record via the net? Can someone please point me to a vendor... not even Vibrashop is an option! How about putting it up on Payload?

[May 5th. '04]
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I'm in charge of programming the halloween party 9 festival from France (Rennes).We would like to programm the Defectors and Power Solo the Saturday 30 th or the sunday 31th October.
We're a association and Rock'n Roll label since 1992 (bananajuice).
Do you have intention to come in France for october?
Could you say me your financial conditions please?
I hope that you're interested....
bye, cécile from bananajuice

[May 3nd. '04]
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Kompliment til koncerten i Radiohuset, den var rigtig fed! Godt med noget dansk garage!

[Apr 27th. '04]
Mik Defector
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Det er vist kun i Radiohuset vi har den slags "problemer"...

[Apr 27th. '04]
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Det var en fed koncert i radiohuset i lø måske er i lidt for polerede live....lidt for god lyd :)

[Apr 25th. '04]
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Jeg vil bare gerne sige WWWAAUUU, I bliver jo spillet hele tiden på p3!!! Forleden var i Urban.
Keep it up. Knus Pernille

[Apr 23nd. '04]
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To Ralf
There are 3 or 4 gigs in Germany this time around.
It's not much - I agree - but a part of the Europe-tour has been moved to after summer. Look out for more dates.
Hope to see you!

[Apr 22st. '04]
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What? Is Hamburg really the only gig in Germany? You can't be serious...

Saw you at the Swamp Room Happening last year... and I really liked it... okay... don't know, how clear my mind was... but I really think, I enjoyed it...:)

Okay... enough of "bla bla...", come to a town near my home an I'll be there and bring all my friends with me...



[Apr 22st. '04]
Mort Harder
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Det syns' jeg er spændende... for når jeg SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!! :-o - næh... Det er sgu da svært.

[Apr 22st. '04]
Shakin' Mik Defector
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Hvordan tror du så det er at være med i bandet...?


[Apr 22st. '04]
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Her skulle der have stået noget intelligent & smagfuldt, men det' fanme svært når stemmerne i mit hoved hele tiden skriger "SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!"... SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!

[Apr 21th. '04]
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Tack för helgen! hoppas på att få se er live snart igen, ha det bra!

[Apr 19th. '04]
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The hell is waiting me...
I've downloaded some mp3 from the new album... (I know that's a burglary but when you will came in italy I will buy this amazing cd)
is so great

[Apr 18th. '04]
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Jävligt bra gig i Göteborg, keep it up!

[Apr 13th. '04]
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Ser fram emot att se på lördag i Sverige på cluben slacker…

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